Turkish Ministry of Health has formed 84 KETEM’s (Cancer Early Diagnosis Screening and Training Centers) in 81 cities of Turkey and is planning to open 200 more by 2015.

The duties of KETEMs are; to organize trainings aiming to inform the health personnel and the public on the issue of cancer and to raise awareness, to provide diagnosis in early stages through population based screening programs (on breast, cervical (cervix uteri), colorectal cancers etc.) on identified risk groups in line with established screening standards, to refer the patients diagnosed with cancer to treatment centers with necessary medical guidance, to carry out patient follow-up and evaluations, and to provide as much as possible social, psychological and medical support.

  • “National Standards for Breast Cancer Screening in Woman” have been published on 20th July 2004
  • “National Cervical Cancer Screening Standards” have been published on 29 May 2007